Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Amber!!!!

Today is my wife Amber's 22nd birthday. What a blessing she has been to me. She has not only shown me what it looks like to have a servant's heart, but she has also made my waist line expand by seriously "tearin' it up" in the kitchen. She is an amazing woman and I hope that the Lord will one day reward all of her sacrifices by making me a godly man. So, Happy Birthday Booger!!

Today is Amber's dad's birthday too (weird right?). So, Happy Birthday Bill!!



Anonymous said...

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Eron said...


I am tired of it being Amber's B-Day, day after day after day--for going on two months now.

Are you catching empty shell again? Oh, and it was good to see you this weekend in Eldo. Went great.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eron its Amber he really wanted to go and was going to go but unfortunatly I was in the hospital that week and when I was realeased was given orders to not move or do anything so while he wanted to go he was serving me and by doing so blessed me and helped me get better.

Eron said...


Man, sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I hope everything is ok and well. It's all good that Shanz didn't make it. I assumed it was for a good reason anyway.

Well, I hope you guys get to feeling better. Peeeeace.


Anonymous said...

Hey sorry about all the Storms and
the tornado, we saw on fox news that more power was lost in Louisville, is there anything we can do to help you.

chance n said...
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