Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baptism of the Spirit... update

Okay, after talking with a very good friend of mine about this baptism of the Spirit thing, I have reached the conclusion (for now) that we are born of the Spirit at conversion and baptized/filled with the Spirit at some point after that (although Scripture seems to indicate that the baptism/filling could happen simulaneously with conversion). I think this view is consistent with Scripture which gives us the ultimate example of this in Christ, Who was born of the Spirit (literally) and later baptized/filled with the Spirit at His baptism. So far I am satisfied with this view and it would take a lot to convince me otherwise. But go ahead and let me know if this is heresy. Thanks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baptism of the Spirit

My views on the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit have been anything but consistent. I used to believe that the Baptism/Filling of the Holy Spirit happened only at conversion. I have also held to the belief that a person was baptized with the Spirit at conversion and then subsequently filled with the Holy Spirit at a later time for ministry. Currently I believe that Scripture uses the terms "Baptism" and "Filling" interchangeably in regards to the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 1:5 and 2:4) and that after conversion believers must constantly pursue subsequent baptisms/fillings of the Holy Spirit (see Acts 4:29-31). For further reflection on this, check out the following:

1. John 7:39; 14:15-17; 20:22; Acts 1:5, 8; 2:4
2. Luke 3:21-22 (see also Mark 1:10 and Matthew 3:16)
3. Acts 4:29-31 (cf. Acts 13:52)

Any thoughts?