Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I was watching Fox News this morning and found out that today (October 5th) there will be more birthdays in the U.S. than any other day. I thought this was weird because for three days now I have been planning to post on today's date to celebrate the birthday of Jonathan Edwards. That's right folks, the man who has been regarded as being the greatest theologian that America has produced was born today in 1703. Were he still alive he would be 304yrs. old. You can check out John Piper's short biography of Edwards here. (Piper's ministry) is also putting all of Edwards' books on sell until October 7th. If you do not have any Jonathan Edwards titles I would encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to see the very generous offers. peace.


Eron said...


Cool. Edwards. Yeah.

I was looking at your links. You have a link for Biblical Counseling. Weird. I thought you were all about the DSM-IV. No? Yes? No? Y-No?

What's the deal?

Eron said...


I didn't mean to sound rude about Edwards. No really, that's cool. I can imagine, an old, crusty, stinky 304 year old Edwards preaching. I bet he would be shorter because as you age you tend to get shorter, y'know.


chance n said...

i don't even own a dsm-IV. i definately don't agree with integration, but i'm not completely convinced by the nouthetic guys either. i think i "lean" toward the Christian Psychology view the most. check out this link. hope that helps.

and about edwards... yeah, he would be shorter, but probably still taller than the average mexican... and me. peace.

chance n said...

oops... i forgot to hyperlink to the Christian Psychology site, and then I remembered that I don't know how to hyperlink on comments. anyway, the address is

the founder is Southern Seminary's very own Eric Johnson.

OhK-Booth said...

Chancers. It has been quite some time since I have looked at your blog because you didn't blog for quite sometime. I am so blessed to see pictures of your daughter and wife. She is precious. It is great to read what you are learning. It is still crazy that we live so close and yet have not seen eachother. Say hello to Amber.