Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I saw this on Riddlebarger's blog and it fits with the Joel Osteen theme as of late so I thought I would share it. Apparently some guy who was really touched by one of Osteen's sermon's went out and bought his book and was motivated to create this four-letter logo: IWJO. What's it stand for... I Watch Joel Osteen. (insert awkward pause here.) You can check out the website here. Stocking stuffers anyone?


Bryan and Susan Neal: said...

Hey Chance, LOng time no see or talk to!! I saw your page on Booth's, so I thought I would say HI!! Congrats on the baby!! :)

M-Diddy-Mo said...

there was a stunned silence when i read that.

really. i turned off my music and thought about why somebody would want to declare that and put a person's name in the middle of an Icthus.

can you say antichrist?

ok not really, but i would say that putting a man's name in there is

A) retarded
B) borderline idolatry
C) retarded

I understand the man may have made an impact in your life by his "teaching" but it better be Christ that has made the true impact.

IFJC would be more efficient. (I Follow Jesus Christ) or something like that.

chance n said...

Be on the look-out for a IWCN fish. I am actually taking orders now if you're interested. peace.

Jay Scott said...

yes please

Joel Osteen said...

I'll take 400 IWCN fish.