Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do Yourself a Favor

Time and time again I am blown away by the generosity of Desiring God Ministries (DGM). It is evident that they care more about the glory of God than they do about money, which, in this culture, is very refreshing and encouraging. I heard a Piper quote once that went something like this: "The reason that God created money is so His people could use money to show the world that they treasure Him more than money." Talk about counter-cultural. Anyway, DGM hosts an annual conference. Last year's conference was The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World and featured John Piper, Voddie Baucham, D.A. Carson, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll and David Wells as the speakers. (That's a "jaw-dropping" lineup on a very timely subject.) DGM is also in the habit of putting all of their National Conferences in book form which is what they have just done with this one. They are putting this book on sell for $5 through Friday, November 9th, or until supplies run out. That is an amazing deal... BUT WAIT, it gets better. DGM has also put this book in .pdf form and made it available to download... for free. So, do yourself a favor and click here to take advantage of this offer. peace.